babylady inc.


live. breathe. create. bloom. is the mantra of this visionary design house aptly called Babylady Inc.

Babylady Inc. was founded in 2009 by Brooklyn fashion aficionado and mother, Kat West.

Kat began her career in 1996 and over a decade has served the fashion industry with a deep rooted
creative background.  After a short (and restless) stint as a stay home mom, she started Babylady Inc. with
the hope of marrying all of her passions:  fashion, family and creativity.

Her greatest inspiration are her children… thus the birth of Babylady Inc.

As a New York based label, Babylady Inc. is committed to supporting New York City’s suffering
Garment District and is currently manufacturing 100% of their designs locally.

Babylady Inc.’s mission is simple,

“We want to inspire and ignite creativity. We want people to be fearless in a world where
everyone dresses as an extension of happiness.”