Author: Rebecca

Do You Want To Paint This Holy Week?

by Rebecca

If you can not leave this Holy Week, take the opportunity to give a new color to your house. And who better than a painter to advise you? Follow these painting tips, and you will manage to provide all the rooms a professional finish.

Painting the house is, without a doubt, a reform ten. Not only "clean" the face to the walls, which, with the use, accumulate friction, scratches and even a scribble if there are children at home, but also, just by changing the color, your house will look different. Give it a lighter tone, and you will have the feeling that the meters have stretched; one more intense, and space will look more welcoming and collected; a brilliant finish, and it will seem that you have opened a new window in the living room ... The transforming power of painting is enormous. Hiring professional Highlands Ranch CO painters will provide a quality experience. However, if you dare to paint your house, with these 5 tips and tricks of professional painters, you can do it yourself. And for very little money!

1- Plan Where To Start

If you want to paint the whole house, which room will be the first? The idea is to clear the rooms to the maximum. If you wash the empty one first, it will help you to release the rest and facilitate movement.

Prepare the material. Check if you have everything (painter's tape, plastic, and protective paper, putty, sandpaper, spatula, large and small roller, roller tray, platen, paint, and enamel). If you have old sheets, you can save the plastic.

2 - Try Different Colors To Guess

If you have doubts about the color, brush on walls where the light shines differently and watch them at different times of the day. Keep in mind that the paint darkens when it dries.

A Special Color? The different paint firms offer a very extensive palette of color references to choose from, a convenient option, especially if you want to refinish a room later or do a review. If you're going to make the mixture, you should start with white paint and be careful, because some of them are blue.

3 - Prepare The Walls Well And Make Arrangements

If they are in poor condition, you have to sand them well, clean them of the dust created, give them a primer and putty before painting. Painting, by itself, does not eliminate imperfections.

Minidesperfectos? You need some putty for small cracks and holes. Wait until it dries, since sometimes you have to knead. Then, sand and clean.

4 - Paper And Stucco: What Do I Do With Them?

It is a cumbersome and delicate job, so it is best to have a professional. If there is concrete, the ideal is to remove it, especially if the grain is thick. If it is fragile and is tight, you can level the wall with putty.

Paper out! You have to start, sand, fix or seal, up to three layers of putty and at least two of paint.

5 - Protects Furniture And Surfaces

Put painter's tape on baseboards, corners of ceilings, doors, and frames that are not made of wood - if they are made of wood, they will also have to be painted - and cover the tape of the blinds. The switches, if you can dismantle them; if not, put them even tape. On the floor, better paper than cardboard, because writing is flexible and repels more than cardboard.